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Septic Inspection in Bostwick, FL

Regular septic tank inspections done by a professional plumber can help avert a major disaster caused by a septic system failure. Unfortunately, these are more common than you would think. Because the septic system runs underground, most homeowners tend to ignore it. However, failure to carry out regular inspections of the sewer system can be a health hazard and can also result in destruction of the surrounding property.

Before buying a new home, it is crucial to find out as much as you can about the system. Find out how old the system is and whether or not is has been regularly maintained. Better still, get an inspection done so that you do not start having problems as soon as you buy it and shift in.

What Causes Failure Of The Septic System?

There are several different factors that may cause the septic system to fail. Some of the more common reasons include:
The septic tank is too small
The diameter of the drainage pipes are too small
The drainfield is not large enough or it may not leveled correctly
The soils in which the system is installed is unsuitable
Tree roots have entered into the pipes and are causing a blockage
Faulty surface drainage

The problem is, more often than not, by the time the homeowner realizes there is a problem the damage done would already be quite extensive. To make matters worse, without the proper knowledge and equipment it is almost impossible to determine the cause of the problem. Leaving it unattended or trying to contain the damage by trial and error will only make matters worse. The only way to prevent extensive damage is by calling in a professional to try and resolve the issue.

How Septic Tank Inspection and Maintenance Is Done

When you call a professional plumber to inspect the septic tank and carry out the necessary maintenance, they will come with all of the latest tools.

First they will test for a blockage or seepage by using a sewer camera or by the fluorescent dye method. septic inspection in Bostwick, FL. septic inspection in Bostwick, FL. After determining the exact cause of the problem, they will then use the correct tool to correct it. A sewer snake is usually used to clear a stubborn blockage if that is what is causing the problems. A sewer snake, also called an electric eel, is a long, slender and flexible pipe that is sent into the drain pipe. Though flexible and slender, the pipe is tough enough to dislodge the clog. If the blockage is caused by tree roots that have invaded the pipe, these are usually cut by using a specially designed device called a drain rooter.

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